It was one of those days………………..

It was going to be one of those days. My legs felt heavy, I felt sluggish and I could think of many things I’d rather be doing instead of being on the bike in the gym. I put my headphones on and got on with it. I have a triathlon coming up soon and had to do the bike/run session practice. Last week, I had done the same session and it had been a real pleasure. I had finished feeling strong and really fired up. The run after the bike had seemed easy and I had finished feeling really positive.

Today it was a different story, the time drageed, I wasn’t enjoying myself and every muscle in my body ached. Classic case of over training, i suspected but nonetheless I had to get the session done. I managed to finish the session, the run was a real struggle. My legs felt like lead and I had to keep shutting off the voice that kept telling me there was no need to kill myself, that I could do it tomorrow or some other time instead I focused on my music as a distraction, I thought about how much better I would feel when I had finished, about the sense of accomplishment I would have. So I got on with it.

I rewarded myself with some time in the steam room and a nice coffee afterwards. I was glad I had stuck it out and despite the slightly longer finish time and tiredness, I was very happy to have managed to finish the session.

I am writing this to encourage you to persevere when the going gets tough. It is so easy to give up but it is so much harder but more rewarding to keep going even when you don’t feel like.” You must always do your best, learn to never say never “, the words of a song I was listening to the other day seem so apt. You really do need to push yourself, its not always easy and despite the fact that I generally love exercise and can sometimes exercise for hours on end, there are times I don’t want to do it. I may be tired, in a bad mood, stressed or weighed down with other problems, rushed for time, hungery etc but and this is the key difference, I know I will feel better afterwards. I know that if i give in now, it will make it easier to give in next time I feel the same way and then a pattern of giving in could start and I know for sure I dont want that. I have worked hard to achieve this level of fitness and I am still work in  progress so the job is not done yet, I must keep pushing.

Note: there are some major exceptions to pushing through a workout which I feel I should mention, Firstly, don’t train if you’re ill, there is nothing to be gained and you may end up making things worse. Your body is telling you it needs rest and recovery,  Ignore it at your own peril. Secondly, don’t push through joint pain or an injury. there is a difference between muscle fatigue/ache that you get from pushing your body to failure and the pain you get when you have an injury or have damaged a joint. Unless you are competing in the Olympics and this is your only shot………………don’t do it. Your body wont thank you for it and if you make an injury worse, you may end up having to be off exercise for longer than you would have if you’d listened to your body.

Keep pushing…………………..Good luck!

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