Somedays, it just feels so hard………………..!

I had one of those days recently where nothing seemed to go to plan, everything that could go wrong did and I just got fed up and frustrated. When it was time to hit the gym, I just did not feel like doing it.  The excuses came one after the other, I was tired, I was late, I had a slight headache, and so on …………….!

I had almost decided not to go when I remembered a saying i’d read recently. It said and i paraphrase “Working out is better than sitting on the sofa”.

That got my butt off the sofa and I ended up in the gym, had a great workout and felt miles better for it after.

It led me to thinking that there are many times that even with the best will in the world, there are times when we you will find it hard to keep it going.  Now, there are times when you should really choose the sofa. It is smart to be able to tell the difference but not necessarily easy.  So here’s some reasons that can help motivate you and keep you going and some reasons why you shouldn’t go to the gym.


  • You want to reach your goal, whatever that goal is, it is useful to have a visual somewhere you can easily see it. So if its fitting into a wedding dress or being able to run a 5k, stick a visual of it on your fridge and look at it every time you are wavering
  • Write down how you feel after a great workout and save it somewhere and whenever you don’t feel like training, read it over
  • Find a friend with a similar goal who you can work out with, they will help you to keep motivated
  • Link your workout to a coffee or lunch with friends so that will act as an incentive
  • Promise to do something you really enjoy when you hit the gym. Pick some great tracks on your Ipod and put them on repeat and turn the volume up.

DON’T TRAIN IF…………………………

  • You have a cough or cold that is in your chest, it can make things worse
  • If you have a fever
  • If you have an injury or muscular strain
  • If you are very stressed, remember that exercise is a good stress buster but if you are already under a lot of stress, then it can be an additional stressor that you do not need
  • If you have an undiagnosed illness that affects your mobility, breathing or your cardiovascular system (heart).





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