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Try out my new fitness classes in Friary Park on Wednesdays @ 9.30am. Suitable for all levels including beginners.
Classes are pay as you go and cost £7.50 per session. Friary Park is on Friary Road, N12.


A unique and exciting massage technique which uses a tool that ensures a deep tissue/sports treatment massage that is like nothing you’ve ever had.
Come and try it out. First session special offer at £40 instead of usual price of £50

  I now offer online training for all levels of clients which includes nutrition advice and tracking with email support  

Fitesprit is a professional and results driven personal training and sports massage provider based in North London.

The name, Fitesprit (fit mind) because I know that if your mind is sound then undoubtedly the rest of you will follow suit.................I recognise that to get a fit mind you need good health and nutrition, good mental wellbeing, regular rest and sleep, social interaction and regular exercise or activity, in short the whole package.

I am passionate about fitness and nutrition but also look at the big picture - the holistic perspective - recognising all the parts of you that make you unique and complete the picture. I recognise that there's no one-sized fits all approach to weight loss, keeping fit or your wellbeing, instead it is essential to recognise the integral value of each person as an individual in their own right with their different needs and desires. So I take a more holistic and person centred approach to the whole process so that I can assist you in finding techniques and routines that will work for you and help you live life to the full in every sense of the word.

It is essential to involve you in this process and help you find how to keep fit; in an enjoyable way so that even after you've moved on you will work hard to maintain it organically. While exercise forms a part of this, it is not the only or the main part of this big picture. We also need to ensure you understand good nutrition, maintenance of the muscles and joints, good posture and the effects of stress on your body.

The word exercise is now used so extensively when discussing the obesity epidemic, reducing risks of diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart attacks and strokes that it has become a word that scares and puts people off. So we won't scare you with massive exercise routines or training regimes designed for Olympic athletes! We won't insist you have to eat seeds and grass for the rest of your life and we won't take away life's little pleasures.

What I do is show you how to live life as enjoyably as possible by trying to improve your food choices (not restrict them!), get you out of the house and out for some fresh air, identify activities that you enjoy and help you learn how to do them productively, Identify triggers and issues that may affect your emotional and mental well being and can therefore ultimately lead you to make bad choices and show you how to manage those situations, help you to develop an active and regular active routine therefore moving you on to a healthier and better place!

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