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Fitness coaching for you can be done in a variety of ways. I can train you on a one to one basis, from my location in Friern Barnet, local parks or in the client's home. I am happy to train friends or a group of friends at an agreed location. Bookings for this type of training must be paid for in advance and for a minimum of 6 weeks. If you're interested in classes, I currently run a cirucit training drop in class on Mondays at Friary Park, Friary park Road, N12 starting at 9.30am, cost £7.50 and a beginners running classes on Fridays at 9.15am @ Friary Park, Friary Road entrance, N12, class cost £6.50

I also provide online programme design for people who live far away but would like a training programme to follow and are self motivated to complete their sessions themselves. The online package comes with free email support to help you along the way

I always follow the same approach when working with any client, I try to help you identify what your goals are as this should be the starting point of any training program. In the initial assessment we try to identify your goals and assess your commitment to achieving them. All potential clients can get a FREE 30 minute consultation to enable us to identify what is most important to you and how we can go about achieving this.

Online Programme Design
Do you already belong to a gym and just need a new training programme?

Or maybe you canít afford a one to one personal training session but are able to train by yourself with some guidance

If you are self-motivated and just need a little help, I can help you reach your goals

Bespoke programme design with or without nutrition advice is available at very affordable prices.

Programme design is a brand new concept of delivering bespoke personal training programmes to clients without the expense of one to one personal training sessions.

There are 3 options to choose from; see below. Once you have decided, then please contact me by email and I will contact you directly with some questions to help me get a better picture of your goals and to find out a bit more about you. With this information, I will then proceed to design your bespoke programme. The programme will be sent to you by email and any guidance and support needed can be done either via email, skype or the occasional PT session as desired. Email support is provided on all programmes.

Option 1
8 week programme with 2 month email support

Option 2
8 week programme with 2 month email support and nutritional advice and weekly menu

Option 3
2 x 8 week programme (progression from programme 1 to programme 2) with 3 months email support, nutritional advice and weekly menu

Please note that you are advised to contact your GP/doctor and ensure you are fit and healthy before commencing any exercise programme. Also if you have a specific health problem, I am a fully qualified Exercise referral specialist and can design programmes to fit around your condition.

All the programmes are individually tailored to the client's needs and goals and will all incorporate the following concepts:

Functional training - this is a style of training that uses movements and training sequences which are similar to or use the same movements and body patterns that an individual's would in their daily living activities. The primary goal of functional training is to transfer the improvements in strength achieved in one movement to enhancing the performance of another movement by affecting the entire neuromuscular system.

Consistency - this is the key to long term success and is linked to regularity. Consistent training, recovery and good nutrition are keys to success. This is not just for the short term but is a lifestyle change for good. Remember use it or lose it!

Recovery - it is crucial to exercise, eat well and also to rest/recover. This is because our bodies get stronger when we rest.

Regularity- random training sessions with no particular sequence makes it difficult for your body to adapt. You will make progress if you set goals regularly and review these goals and then set new goals

Variety - there is a need to include variety in not just the types of exercise you do but also in the intensity and length of time you spend doing certain exercise. If you do the same thing over and over again, not only does it become ineffective as the body gets used to doing the particular exercise but you also become bored and lose interest. That's why people say "Variety is the spice of life".

Progression - progression is linked to variety, for you to get better and improve your strength, endurance and body shape, you need to set more challenging exercises because your body will get used to doing the same exercise using the same weights so for example you can progress from a push up on the wall to a push on an elevated stable surface.

Emphasis on good nutrition - Remember without the correct nutrition, you CANNOT achieve your goals

Overload - to change your body shape and to get stronger, it is essential to put our muscles under a form of stress that they are unaccustomed to. The body then has to work to adapt to this stress and therefore gets stronger and more able. At this point, we then need to increase the overload so the whole process starts again. This is why progression and variety are also important as they are inevitably linked to overload.

  Single personal training session :   £45ph*
  PT* session 1-20:   £40ph
  PT session 20+:   £35ph
  30 minute session:   £20ph
  Pre & Post natal sessions:   £40ph
  Programme design only:   £100
  Online training :   £15ph
  *ph - per hour

*PT - personal training


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